Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Broadway Impress mani review and Tips

Hello again! I decided to review my favorite IMPRESS press-on nails by broadway. I decided to try out LOVESTRUCK because the colors are beautiful and there's siggly lines that just makes your nails look like a piece of abstract art! My favorite.....

So i found this at my local CVS store and they were having a sale, buy 1 get one half off and i believe each package of nails cost $7.99? dont quote me on that, i'm terrible at remembering numbers.But what made it a super savings was the coupons i had that i printed from the website(web link posted at bottom) so please do check it out and save!

The cute nail polish looking bottle contains 24 nails, ranging from small to big sizes.Whats great about these is that they contain double sided sticky tape on each nail so no glue is required! All you have to do is find the right size, peel and place on clean non oily nails, press on FIRMLY and TAAADAA! Now you have perfect professional looking mani within minutes! mind you, no down time or drying time.Impress does claim to last a week,i kinda find this hard to believe on active busy hands.It just doesnt last a week on me, no need to worry there are SOLUTIONS!

To keeping your press-on mani looking fresh and staying on your nails

Ever had Impress press-on and one of your falsies fell off in public? quite embarrassing, isn't it? or perhaps your nails are lasting near or over a week but you notice that your nails are slightly fading or chipping? No problem, there are solutions.

What you will need

Any bottle of brush-on nail glue

Your favorite clear top coat

What you will do is once you have clean nails, brush the glue onto your natural nail one at a time and place your press-on immediately so that that the glue doesn't dry. This should help with any fall outs and once you're done use a top coat to prevent any chipping or fading!


I think so!

Please do give it a try, you wont regret it! If you love compliments, these will surely be an eye catcher to others and they'll shower you in compliments! Have FUN!

Please do check them out for more designs and $1.00 off coupons


Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own and I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Inaugural of my 1ST Blog

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